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Valeo Body Balls - PTdunrite - 3


Valeo Body Balls

$ 19.95

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Improve balance, coordination, flexibility and develop healthier posture. These Balls can be used as a desk chair or as a tool in your fitness regimen.

  • 55-cm. ball for people 5 ft. up to 5 ft., 3 in.
  • 65-cm. ball for people 5 ft., 4 in. up to 6 ft.
  • 75-cm. ball for people 6 ft., 1 in. up to 6 ft., 9 in.
  • Provides low-impact method for working on abs, lower body toning, strengthening
  • Ball can be used for dumbbell flies, shoulder presses, and ab crunches Illustrated wall chart provides step-by-step exercise program 

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