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TriggerPoint Cool Point Reusable Handheld Core Cooling Pack - PTdunrite - 1

Trigger Point

TriggerPoint Cool Point Reusable Handheld Core Cooling Pack

$ 19.99

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Athletic performance, pace-setting and fatigue are all guided by signals relayed between the brain and the body. Cooling the hand stimulates thermoregulation signals to the brain, which is scientifically shown to improve athletic performance and delay fatigue. The hand is the body’s natural radiator. Experience the performance benefits of a real cooling strategy today!


  • Reusable palm cooling device for athletic performance
  • Cooling gel pack designed to maintain body temperature and reduce fatigue
  • Stays cold for up to 60 minutes for continued cooling

How to Use:

  • Place CoolPoint in the freezer for four hours or until gel is frozen
  • Hold CoolPoint in palm of one hand and adjust the strap so that it comfortably fits around the hand
  • The wearer should not have to grip the device to maintain contact

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