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Stretch Out® Strap Pilates Essentials Book or Package - PTdunrite - 2


Stretch Out® Strap Pilates Essentials Book or Package

$ 12.95

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Enhance Pilates and yoga exercise with effective techniques using the Stretch Out®Strap.

Using the Stretch Out® Strap during Pilates exercise and yoga sessions provides sensory feedback that helps develop better posture, flexibility, muscular balance and body symmetry, as well as core strength and shoulder stability.

This book by Angela Kneale, OTD & OTR, targets dynamic exercises that both lengthen and strengthen the body, while challenging core stability and control. The exercises, optimized by the Stretch Out Strap, heighten body awareness and relieve stress, focusing on deep breathing and quality, controlled movements.

Second edition features revised exercise descriptions, enhanced instructions and over 40 exercises with color photographs. Softcover, 52 pages.

Available with or without Stretch Out Strap.

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