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SKLZ Performance Training SpeedSac - PTdunrite - 1


SKLZ Performance Training SpeedSac

$ 99.99

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Get explosive leg drive and stride frequency with the SKLZ® SpeedSac™, a weighted training sled designed for hard-core athletes. The variable weight ranges safely strengthen lower body-muscle groups by providing options for increased resistance training; athletes can remove the bags and use their handles to execute lunge walks for additional hamstring and quadriceps strengthening.


  • Improve 40-yard dash times, overall speed and explosiveness
  • Strengthen lower-body muscle groups
  • Adjust weight options for variable weight resistance
  • Includes 3 durable weight bags that can each be filled with up to 10 lbs of sand (30 lbs total)
  • Adjustable leash length to accommodate athletes of any size

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