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RAD Rounds - PTdunrite


RAD Rounds

$ 16.95

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Achieve targeted release of pressure points with these firm massage roller balls.

These small massagers allow you to target tight, hard-to-reach spaces and are perfect for loosening tension in the neck, feet and hands.

The larger ball (green) has a firm density, while the smaller ball (blue) is extra firm, allowing for ease of use and versatility during precise trigger point work.

Both RAD Rounds are made of top-grade silicone that can be heated or cooled. For a warm, relaxing experience, soak in hot water for five to ten minutes. For a cold, refreshing sensation, soak in ice water, freeze or refrigerate.


  • Dimensions: Large round 2.2" diameter, small round 1.6" diameter
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Green (large), Blue (small)
  • Weight: Large round 3.6 oz; small round 1.6 oz

Use with the RAD Block for additional leverage and stability.

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