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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Shin/Multipurpose Wrap - PTdunrite

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Shin/Multipurpose Wrap

$ 49.95

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Shin splints may appear as exercise is beginning, but disappear as the activity continues. Problem solved, right? Not so fast. Shin splints can return with excruciating pain after the activity subsides and as late as the next morning. Cold therapy after an activity can help the body repair the shin and prevent this extreme pain. Ice reduces the swelling to the shin, without the worries of liver toxicity from over-the-counter or prescription pain pills.

Pro Ice provides an ultimate relief, delivering a superior cold therapy system that outperforms any cold pack on the market today. Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature, creating the optimal icing situation. It doesnt drip either. Straps not only provide compression but also keep the wrap in place allowing for mobility while icing. The Pro Ice multipurpose cold pack can also be applied to the shin, hip, lower back, quad, hamstring and knee, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.

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