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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Neck Cold Wrap - PTdunrite - 1

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Neck Cold Wrap

$ 29.95

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After a long day of stress, often our necks ache. Too often, we'll pop a pill to find relief from the neck pain. But icing has proven more effective, and without the worries that come from over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Cold therapy can deliver a more successful pain relief and in a non-toxic way. Pro Ices cold therapy outperforms any cold pack by offering a consistent temperature in a convenient modality. It never drips and compression straps help it to conform to the body. This unique windowpane design of the ice insert keeps the cold right where its needed.  Extra ice inserts are available to extend cold treatment without the need to buy an additional wrap, making this a very cost effective solution.

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