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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Knee/Multipurpose Wraps - PTdunrite - 1

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Knee/Multipurpose Wraps

$ 49.95

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Relieve knee pain with the Pro Ice multipurpose cold therapy wraps. Pro Ice delivers superior icing, outperforming any cold pack on the market today. For an injury, knee strain or knee sprain, Pro Ice's cold therapy wrap can help to alleviate the pain and put you back to your regular activities more quickly. Perhaps you simply want to ice to prevent long-term damage from a job that requires squatting, playing catcher in baseball or running. Icing can help the body repair from repetitive stress from these activities. Simply ice immediately after the activity to allow the body to heal.

*The Pro Model is designed specifically for the knee and includes a double layer of ice for extended cold therapy


Pro Ice straps provide compression and keep the wrap in place, allowing for mobility while icing. Because Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature, there is no mess created by condensation. The Pro Ice multipurpose cold pack can also be applied to the shin, hip, calf, lower back, quad and hamstring, providing convenience and cost-effectiveness.   

Physical Therapists, Chiropractic Clinics and Medical Professionals routinely recommend and distribute this wrap as a component of their treatment scenarios. Additional ice inserts are available to extend a therapy session.

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