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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Hip/Multipurpose Wrap - PTdunrite

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Hip/Multipurpose Wrap

$ 49.95

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Hip injuries can have a major impact on quality of life, even affecting our ability to get around. Treat and prevent them by icing after a repetitive stress activity, such as golfing or running. By icing after an activity, the body begins to repair, preventing long-term damage. But not just any ice will do.

Unlike most cold packs on the market today, Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature, creating the optimal icing condition. Compression straps also help keep the wrap secure to the body, ensuring that the cold therapy is working its best. Most cold packs fail to deliver this level of consistency or compression.

The multipurpose unit can also be used virtually anywhere on the body, including the lower back, shin, hip, knee, elbow or quad muscle. The compression straps help the cold wrap conform to the body and also allow the user to remain mobile while icing.

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