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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Calf/Multipurpose Wrap - PTdunrite

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Calf/Multipurpose Wrap

$ 49.95

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Relieve calf strains or prevent chronic pain from repetitive stress injuries with Pro Ice cold therapy's multipurpose wrap. Use it on the calf after a workout or repetitive stress task to prevent chronic pain or to alleviate aches and reduce swelling for an acute injury.

Pro Ice cold therapy wraps maintain a consistent temperature for up to an hour, delivering the optimal icing solution. Simply ice immediately after an activity for the ultimate cold therapy benefits. Compression combines with cold therapy to deliver the ideal healing solution. Compression straps not only help deliver the cold therapy where it's needed most, but also keep the wrap in place, allowing for mobility. Combine with a cooler bag to keep Pro Ice with you wherever, whenever it's needed most.

The Pro Ice PI 400 Multi-Purpose Wrap is ideal for general cold therapy on almost any part of the body including knee, lower back, shin, hip, quad and hamstring.Physical Therapists, Chiropractic Clinics and Medical Professionals routinely recommend and distribute this wrap as a component of their treatment scenarios. Additional ice inserts are available to extend a therapy session.

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