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Pro Ice Cold Therapy Back/Multipurpose Wrap - PTdunrite

Pro Ice

Pro Ice Cold Therapy Back/Multipurpose Wrap

$ 49.95

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Back pain is an American epidemic. Whether it is from repetitive stress, such as lifting on the job, or an acute injury, cold therapy can deliver non-toxic pain relief. But not just any cold therapy will do. Pro Ice products are designed to offer the ultimate ice wrap, combining convenience and comfort.

The mutlipurpose wrap can also be used on virtually any body part, including the knee, shin, quad, hamstring, hip or calf, making the wrap perfect for any home first aid kit. Icing after an injury prevents swelling, which in turn prevents long-term damage. Cold therapy also is one of the best ways to alleviate pain. Pro Ice products include compression straps, which only heighten the benefits of cold therapy.

Pro Ice maintains a consistent temperature for an hour, without dripping. Icing immediately after an activity or injury provides the best cold therapy. Our cooler bags provide portability and keep the ice wrap at optimal temperature for up to eight hours.   Physical Therapists, Chiropractic Clinics and Medical Professionals routinely recommend and distribute this wrap as a component of their treatment scenarios. Additional ice inserts are available to extend a therapy session.

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