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Perfect Pullup - PTdunrite - 1

Perfect Fitness

Perfect Pullup

$ 24.99

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Traditional pull ups are hard - let the Perfect Pullup® bring the bar to you

Traditional pullups are hard, but the Perfect Pullup's patented swing arm brings the bar down to you. Now, almost anyone can do a pullup! The adjustable swing arm helps you work up to traditional pullups by performing Standing Rows and Australian Pullups. If you've already mastered the traditional pullup, use the swing arm to perform tricep presses, lunges, and a wide variety of other exercises. Great for all fitness levels - the downloadable Navy SEAL inspired workout poster provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts.


  • Perfect Pullup unit
  • Downloadable Navy Seal inspired workout
  • Mobile Unit workout cards


  • User Weight Limit: 220 lb / 110 kg
  • Length: 2"
  • Height: 20.5"
  • Width: 27" to 36"
  • Weight: 7 lb

Pullup Workouts

Multi-Gym workout
Multi-Gym PRO workout
Pullup workout
Pullup Power 10 part I
Pullup Power 10 part II
Pullup Assist workout

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