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Perfect Fitness Total Body Kit - PTdunrite - 1

Perfect Fitness

Perfect Fitness Total Body Kit

$ 49.99

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The Total Body Kit is a 6 piece kit that combines the power of Push, Pull, Core movements with FitDeck workout cards and Nutrition planning. It is everything you need to kick-start your total body transformation. Strength building equipment included in the kit are the Pushup Stands, Multi-Gym Sport and Ab-Carver Sport. Each device focuses on one of the key fundamental movements of Push, Pull and Core. The FitDeck BodyWeight and Core Blast cards contain exercises with varying levels of intensity. Shuffle the cards to change your daily workout and to focus on different muscle groups. FitDeck Nutrition planning cards contain the knowledge you need to transform your eating, snacking and drinking habits. Learn how to incorporate the core principles of portion control, meal balance and hydration into your daily life. This 6 piece kit is the perfect kit to start you on the path to healthy living.


Core Workouts                    

Ab-Carver workout
Ab-Straps workout
Core-Ball workout
Crunch workout

Pullup Workouts

Multi-Gym workout
Multi-Gym PRO workout
Pullup workout
Pullup Power 10 part I
Pullup Power 10 part II
Pullup Assist workout

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