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Perfect Fitness Bluetooth Memory Scale Pro - PTdunrite - 1

Perfect Fitness

Perfect Fitness Bluetooth Memory Scale Pro

$ 99.99

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This high-precision scale measures both weight and body fat percentage. The Perfect Scale Pro uses a method of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to estimate your body fat percentage by sending a harmless amount of electricity into the body. Equipped with an Athlete mode for people with more muscular and athletic builds. It connects wirelessly using Bluetooth® with the Perfect App, allowing you to analyze weight trends and track progress via set goals. The scale allows for 4 unique users and stores data for up to 30 days for each user.


  • Track weight with high precision scale
  • Measure body fat percentage
  • Connect using Bluetooth Smart Wireless Technology
  • Tracks progress and stores data for 30 days
  • Help manage your weight by tracking trends and setting goals
  • 4 Unique User Profiles

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