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Pain Neuroscience Posters - Set of 4 - PTdunrite - 1


Pain Neuroscience Posters - Set of 4

$ 39.95

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Featuring the content and recognizable illustrations of Adriaan Louw’s neuroscience education books, these posters explain the foundational principles behind the neuroscience of pain.

The 17¾” x 24” posters are large enough to display on the walls of a patient room or lobby and allow for easy reading of text. The detailed, full-color illustrations are designed to generate interest and engage your patients in the learning process so they can better understand the reasons why they hurt.

Each poster includes scientific support footnotes that cite sources for all data and findings.

Set includes four posters:

  • The Brain’s Pain Meeting — illustrates how regions of the brain react to the multi-tasking they must do when we experience pain
  • The Body’s Alarm System — demonstrates how the body’s nervous system operates like an alarm system when experiencing pain
  • The Pain Cycle — shows the recurring phases of how pain affects our thoughts, emotions and overall health
  • Tissues: Did You Know? — explains why tissues and problems found on scans may not be the cause of ongoing pain

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