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Massage Ball Set - PTdunrite - 1


Massage Ball Set

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Bundle all your massage needs into one package; set includes four products ideal for alleviating tension and soothing muscles.

  • The Super Pinky Ball - features a firm density for a tremendous self-massage of tired feet, sore hands and tense muscles. It can also help with the prevention or relief of plantar fasciitis by stretching the plantar fascia.
  • Mini BallsBuild grip or finger strength and improve dexterity after an injury. Develop motor skills. Perform self-massage to relieve tension, rehydrate and mobilize connective tissue and soften scar tissue. Resilient vinyl construction. Mini Balls measure 1½" (40mm) dia.; Maxi Balls measure 2⅛" (55mm) dia. Sold in pairs.
  • Franklin Fascia Massager Oval It’s ideally sized for treating the hands, neck and feet, but can be used to release tension and smooth out connective tissue anywhere on the body. While slowly rolling the Franklin Fascia Massager™ Oval between your hands and forearms, up your neck, holding it between your fingers or squeezing it in your palm, you not only massage the tissue but also create a sensory experience that re-informs your brain of how your body feels and moves, promoting relaxation and natural movement.

  • Half Balls - designed for stretching plantar fascia and massaging the feet as well as targeting trigger points and relieving tension throughout the body. Ideal for improving balance.

Patients will be able to alleviate tension and soothe muscles with several of our most popular items: one Super Pinky Ball, two Half Balls, two Mini Balls and one Franklin Fascia MassagerTMOval.
Includes convenient mesh carrying case for travel.

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