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Kamagon Exercise Balls - 9" - PTdunrite - 3


Kamagon Exercise Balls - 9"

$ 49.90

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THE NEXT STEP IN THE EVOLUTION OF FITNESS Intensify your next workout using the Kamagon Ball's patented Hydro-Inertia technology. The use of fluid resistance wakes up more muscle fibers than traditional, static weight training using the same amount of resistance. The Kamagon Ball is a unique core stability product that bridges a necessary gap in the functional training market. Fill the Kamagon Ball with water to adjust the weight and create a ""hydro-inertia"" that uses a greater number of muscle fibers when performing basic to advanced exercises. Water lines imprinted on the ball allow for accurate water measurement. Use the Kamagon Ball for full body workouts engaging a full range of motion exercises. The Kamagon Ball increases strength and explosive power, improves athletic performance and overall fitness, helps promote rehabilitation and prevent injury and is ideal for all ages and skill level. It's an easy to use, safe, and fun way to improve your overall body strength and fitness. The 9” model holds up to 13 lbs. of water and includes the Kamagon Total Body Challenge Workout DVD and Kamagon Workout Guide. The 14” model holds up to 45 lbs. of water and includes the Kamagon Workout DVD.


  • Hydro-inertia creates instability throughout exercises
  • Use just like a kettlebell, medicine ball, dumbbell and weight plate
  • Handles allow for multiple grip options
  • The 9" Kamagon Ball holds between 1-13 lbs. of water
  • Proudly made in the USA

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