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Heskiers OneTool-Orange - PTdunrite - 1


Heskiers OneTool-Orange

$ 69.99

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Designed by Martin Heskier, the Heskiers® OneToolTM is a handheld massage device that eliminates stress and pain in tight areas across the body.

OneTool is ideal for professional practitioners who wish to release tension, increase performance, enhance recovery and treat injuries in their clients. Compared to working by hand, it allows you to accomplish more treatment in less time, and with less stress on the hands, fingers and wrists.

The innovative shape of OneTool is designed to mimic a human hand. Protrusions shaped like a thumb and fingers give you the ability to press directly into sore areas and release tension. The curved portions of the tool, resembling the palm of the hand, can then be used to smooth out and disperse energy, releasing stagnated fluids.

  • Easily apply just the right amount of pressure with even distribution
  • Target hard-to-reach areas and tight spots across the body with precision
  • Compliment and increase effectiveness of traditional treatments
  • Lessen stress on hands and wrists: comfortable, ergonomic design
The Heskiers OneTool is made from a medical-grade nylon for long-lasting durability. Its friction-free surface glides smoothly over skin or clothing.

Includes manual with full-color photographs demonstrating a variety of techniques.

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