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CranioCradle - PTconnect



$ 44.95

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Relieve stress, neck tension, headaches and more with this easy-to-use, relaxing therapeutic tool.

Based on techniques from osteopathy, craniosacral and massage therapy, the CranioCradle®gently releases muscles tension, alleviates pain and eases stress. Simply place it under the head or neck and relax for a moment. The CranioCradle encourages your cramped muscles to release and your joints to decompress.
Use the CranioCradle to relieve symptoms of TMJ, whiplash and everyday stress. It can also be used to relieve muscle tension anywhere on the body; try it for trigger points and low back pain.
CranioCradle is ideal for self-help therapy or as an extra set of hands during a treatment session. Includes a detailed instructional guide

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