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CanDo® Low Powder Exercise Band Rolls - 6 yd Rolls - PTconnect


CanDo® Low Powder Exercise Band Rolls - 6 yd Rolls

$ 13.95

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CanDo® resistive exercise band rolls are packaged in a dispenser box. Simply unroll desired length of exercise band from dispenser box and cut with scissors. The CanDo® high quality latex resistive exercise bands have been used in clinics for rehabilitation, conditioning and training since 1987. It has become a well known staple of many physical therapy programs. CanDo® exercise band is an  economic solution for upper and lower body exercise. Lightweight, compact and portable. Durable. Effective when used alone, or with handles and anchors. Color-coded according to the exercise band’s resistance. CanDo® is licensed to use the Thera-Band® color sequence so resistance level is easily identified.

Available in 8 levels of resistance for progressive exercise:

  • Tan - XX Light
  • Yellow - X Light
  • Red - Light
  • Green - Medium
  • Blue - Heavy
  • Black - X Heavy
  • Silver - XX Heavy
  • Gold - XXX Heavy
  • Uniform width - each band is 5" wide.
  • Made of natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.
    (For those with latex sensitivities, there are latex-free alternative offerings of CanDo® exercise band.)

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