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Bosu Hit Extreme Fitness DVD - PTconnect


Bosu Hit Extreme Fitness DVD

$ 19.95

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BOSU Hit Extreme DVD is intense, focused, efficient, challenging, rewarding and jam packed with action from start to finish. Learn the science of high intensity interval training and its application to both fitness and sport. Take home a variety of short, plug-n-play high intensity interval sequences that are realistic for both high level athletes and mere mortals and are guaranteed to raise your heart rate, fitness level, calorie expenditure and the FUN factor Approximate running time: 52 minutes.


  • Designed for use by fitness professionals
  • 4 unique Rolling Interval sequences to improve aerobic power up to lactate threshold and build an interval foundation
  • 4 Surge Interval progressions to improve steady state max at lactate threshold
  • 16 Short Burst Interval sets to improve power above lactate threshold and at VO2 max with all out efforts
  • Designed to be used with BOSU Balance Trainer, BOSU Ballast Ball, BOSU Soft Fitness Ball - 4 lbs

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