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Air-Stirrup® Ankle Braces - PTdunrite - 1


Air-Stirrup® Ankle Braces

$ 39.95

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Air-Stirrup® Ankle Brace is anatomically designed semi-rigid shells lined with the patented Duplex™ aircell system for support and graduated compression during ambulation. The compression promotes efficient edema reduction in addition to helping accelerate rehabilitation from ankle sprains.


  • Commonly worn immediately after an ankle injury and throughout recovery; Low-profile structure allows for minimal bulk while wearing shoes
  • Intended to prevent or treat acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, post-operative use and ankle sprains grade I, II, and III
  • Semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells are lined with patented Duplex air cells, which help stabilize and protect the ankle
  • Pre-inflated air cells provide pulsating compression while walking, enhance circulation and reduce swelling and edema
  • Aircast Air-Stirrup Ankle Support Brace resists inversion more than taping, yet normal flexion is virtually unrestricted


  • Small - 8.75” height
  • Medium - 9” height
  • Large - 10.5” height

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