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Trigger Point

TriggerPoint empowers people to reach an optimal level of movement by providing the world’s best therapeutic self-care products and education.

"Our mission at TriggerPoint is to keep you moving freely and without pain"

It was chronic and debilitating pain that inspired our founder, Cassidy Phillips, to take his health into his own hands – literally. Starting in 2001, his body started breaking down. He was told he would never be an athlete again due to a muscular dysfunction. It became his personal mission to understand muscular structure and the regeneration of dysfunctional muscle tissue to create a way to restore his body, and continue living an active and healthy life.

After trying several traditional methods of pain relief, Cassidy developed an out-of-the-box approach. He tackled countless hours of research to better understand the various methods of massage, chiropractic care, and the treatment of traditional injuries. He discovered that there was a void in self-care. There was little opportunity for an individual to take care of their body on their own. This is when he created the massage ball and founded TriggerPoint.



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