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Fuel Belt

Fuel Belt Hydration Products for Fitness


Q: Are FuelBelt bottles BPA free?

A: Yes! FuelBelt bottles have always been BPA free.

Q: Are FuelBelt bottles dishwasher safe? 

A: Yes! FuelBelt bottles are dishwasher safe on the top shelf only.

Q: How do I wash my FuelBelt? 

A: You can put your FuelBelt in the washing machine with like colors and hang dry. Just remember to remove the bottles and pocket first.

Q: How do I return or exchange my FuelBelt?

A: Follow the instructions on the return/exchange form. If you do not have a form, please contact us at shopping@dunritecorp.com

Q: Is there a way to attach a race number to my FuelBelt?

A: Yes! We have a product called the "Race Number Attachment" available here at fuelbelt.com. 

Q: What size pocket do I need to have to fit my Smartphone?

A: You will need a medium sized pocket to accommodate most Smartphone's. 

Q: Can I add a bottle to my FuelBelt?

A: Yes! We have a product called the "Plus One" available here at fuelbelt.com.

Q: Will 10oz bottles fit in the 7oz holsters? 

A: Yes they most certainly will. 

Q: How do I turn on the LED Armband?

A: Press between the "b" and the "e" of the FuelBelt logo.

Q: How do I know which size to choose? 

A: Measure yourself where you would like to wear your FuelBelt and then match that number up to the measurements on fuelbelt.com.

Q: Can I freeze my FuelBelt bottles? 

A: Yes! Just make sure to leave room for expansion.

Q: What does the FuelBelt come with?

A: All FuelBelt hydration belts come packaged with bottles and a pocket.



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